Majlis of Sayeda Khadija (as)

Majlis of Sayeda Khadija (as)

In the blessed holy month of Ramadhan, on Thursday 16th June 2016, an Arabic Majlis remembering the death of Sayeda Khadija (as) by the honourable respected scholar, Sayed Mouneer Khabbaz was held at Alulbayt (as) Foundation.


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After congregational prayers lead by Sayed Mouneer Khabbaz, Iftar was served to the respected brothers. After Iftar, an Arabic Majlis was recited by Sayed Mouneer Khabbaz remembering the death of Sayeda Khadija (as) and later on the brothers had the opportunity to ask the respected scholar various questions, and truly benefit from his words of wisdom, advice and teachings.


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